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AI-assisted projects by Ilanit Shamia


My work


While a considerable portion of artworks generated by artificial intelligence tends to gravitate towards fantasy, my focus lies in creating images that embrace a realistic and visually coherent language, engaging in the interplay between reality and its representation.


In addition to utilizing prompts engineering, my AI work incorporates layers of blending that are rooted in original photos and illustrations. These serve as the starting point for the transformative and diverse methods through which I create images using AI. By blending and manipulating these visual elements, I strive to push the boundaries of artistic expression, resulting in captivating and innovative compositions that blend the realms of reality and imagination.




I am a graduate of the photography department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. My work has been showcased in both solo and group exhibitions, and it is featured in collections of Israeli art. Over the years, I have traveled between art, design, and fashion. Recently, I participated in the first International AI Fashion Week, which took place in New York in April 2023. In addition, I actively engage as a creator and lecturer, specializing in creative processes involving artificial intelligence.

since August 2023 I'm writing a column about the intersection between AI and Art & Culture in The weekend culture magazine of Haaretz newspaper.

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